Word version of full CV to download: 02_Bullinger_CV_Spring_2022

Current position: Adjunct Professor

Education: Ph.D., Rutgers University (Media Studies)

Selected Publications:


Bullinger, J. (2020). Reagan’s “boys” and the children of the greatest generation: U.S. World War II memory, 1984 and beyond. Routledge.

Book Chapters:

Bullinger, J. (2019). Lego historical war sub-cultures: Idealized play & nostalgia. In R. Lizardi (Ed.), Subjectivities of interactive nostalgia. Peter Lang Publishing Group.

Salvati, A. & Bullinger, J. (2013). Selective authenticity and the playable past. In A. Elliott & M. Kapell, (Eds.), Playing with the past: Digital games and the simulation of history (pp. 153-167). New York: Continuum.

Journal Articles:

Bullinger, J. (2015). Experiential branding and curating the social space. Teaching Media Quarterly, 3 (4), 1-8.

Bullinger, J. & Salvati, A. (2011). A theory of brandWW2. Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture, 11(4)

Selected Courses Taught:

Memory, Media, & Identity; American Public Address (Collective Memory-focused); Media Research Methods; and Media Writing.