It Takes a Village (to raise a scholar)…

What is the architecture and origins of a scholar? Who really put in the time, caring, and quality of thought to build each of us? These are the questions that led me construct this relatively simple “intellectual family tree” for myself. The first important note is that it is not (nor should it ever be) complete. It is simply a road map for me to refer to in order to see where I’ve been and perhaps clue me in on where I might be headed. Truth be told, this particular collection of individuals may also be held by others in my various cohorts who attended the same public schools and private colleges. Also, there are many more who played there role and their exclusion here is neither deliberate nor malicious. The scholars and educators on this chart are simply those who influenced me the most at a particular stage in my life or career. The foundation is at the bottom and it is a strong one – Martha Christine – working upwards through Sam Creyer in high school, Asma at Ithaca, David at CSUN, and currently Susan and Jack at Rutgers. This list will be added to in the future and in those returns, I will mostly likely provide further comment and reflection on certain individuals. Most likely when (as we do with road maps) I’ve gotten myself lost and need a little direction.

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