MS Word version of CV to download: Bullinger_Jonathan_CV_Spring_2017

Dr. Jonathan M. Bullinger
Media Arts, Sciences, & Studies
Ithaca College
Roy H. Park School of Communications
Rm. 324
953 Danby Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850
Mobile: 818.575.0237


Ph.D., Media Studies, Rutgers University [awarded January 2017]
Dissertation: Remembering World War II: Children of the Greatest Generation and Prosthetic Memory
Adviser: Dr. Susan Keith

M.A., Sociology, California State University Northridge, 2009

Adviser: Dr. David Boyns

B.S. (major: TV/Radio, minor: Politics), Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY, 2000



Research interests

Collective memory, selling of history, branding, video games, war and culture

Journal articles

Bullinger, J. (2015). Experiential branding and curating the social space. Teaching Media Quarterly, 3 (4).

Kantor, P.B., Bullinger, J. Gal, C.S. (2012). Patient decision-making modes and causes: A preliminary investigation. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 63 (7) 1332-1349.

Bullinger, J. & Salvati, A. (2011). A theory of brandWW2. Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture, 11 (4)

Book chapters

Salvati, A. & Bullinger, J. (2013). Selective authenticity and the playable past. In A. Elliott& M. Kapell, (Eds.), Playing with the past: Digital games and the simulation of history (pp. 153-167). New York: Continuum.


Bullinger, J. (2013). Review of Fencott, J. et al. (2012). Game invaders: The theory and understanding of computer games.  Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. International Journal of Communication, 7, 1152-1155.

Bullinger, J. (2014). Review of Crogan, P. (2011). Gameplay mode: War, simulation, and technoculture. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press. International Journal of Communication, 8, 1243-1246.

Other publications

Bullinger, J. (2013, July 21). The lack of specificity in regards to branding. in media res. MediaCommons.

Bullinger, J. (2012, Feb. 1). Laboring to play: Information, work, and video Games. Playgrounds: A Blog about Labor and Play. Rutgers Video Game Studies Group.

Peer-reviewed conference papers and presentations

Bullinger, J. (2015). Anticipating war in your living room: Future wars, “fun” wars, & first person shooters. Presented to the War After 1945 division of the Popular Culture Association, April 1, New Orleans, LA.

Bullinger, J. (2014). Social memory for sale: Branding, narrative, and the second world war. Presented to the History division on a panel I organized, International Communication Association Annual Conference, May 26, Seattle.

Bullinger, J. (2013). My father’s tools: Fetishizing WWII technology. Presented as part of Boys to Men panel to New York Metropolitan American Studies Association at their American Masculinities Conference, November 2, New York City.

Bullinger, J. (2013). Laboring to play: Video game interfaces as tools for war. Presented to the War After 1945 division of the Popular Culture Association, March 30, Washington, D.C.

Bullinger, J. (2012). Communities of war: Cyberethnographies of world war two online and america’s army online forums. Presented to the Armed Conflict division of the Popular Culture Association, April 12, Boston.

Bullinger, J. (2012). The Computer society moves in: An analysis of time magazine’s coverage of the pc, 1978 & 1983. Presented to the American Journalism Historians Association and AEJMC History Division, March 10, New York City.

Bullinger, J. & Salvati, A. (2011). Media, memory, and brand ww2. Presented to the WWI/WWII division of the Popular Culture Association, April 23, San Antonio, TX.

Bullinger, J. & Salvati, A. (2010). Selling the war on terror through the branding of ww2. Presented at London South Bank University as part of panel N for Screens of Terror: Representations of War and Terrorism Since 9/11 in Film, TV Drama & Documentary, September 11, London, UK.

Bullinger, J. & Salvati, A. (2010). World war two: Branding the myths. Presented as part of the Media Frames panel to the New Jersey Communication Association, April 10, Elizabeth, NJ.

Bullinger, J. (2009). Buying off the alternative voice. Presented as part of the Political Economy of Mass Media panel to the Pacific Sociological Association, April 9, San Diego, CA.

Bullinger, J. (2007). My[commodified]space. Accepted for paper presentation, California State University Northridge Student Research Symposium, November, Northridge, CA.

Bullinger, J. (2007). Culture of smartphones. Accepted for panel, California Sociological Association Annual Conference, November 16, Berkeley, CA.

Bullinger, J. (2007). MySpace as a marketer’s space: MySpace and consumerism. Accepted for paper presentation, Pacific Sociological Association, April, Oakland, CA.

Invited Talks

Bullinger, J. (2016). Podcasting as an Effective Medium. Short lecture for Rutgers Digital Communication & Information Minor, Strategic Presentations course, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, October 4.



Research Assistant under the direction of Dr. David Greenberg, Rutgers University, 2013-2014

Pulling library material, checking accuracy of footnotes, and very light copy-editing for new book by Dr. Greenberg due to publishers Fall 2014.

Graduate Assistant under the direction of Dr. Paul Kantor, CCICADA at Rutgers University, 2010-present

Five year funded graduate assistantship with the Command Control and Interoperability Center for Advanced Data Analysis (CCICADA). NSF-funded qualitative study on patient decision-making in regards to implantable cardiac defibrillators, and DHS-funded study on stadium security and the Safety Act.

Research Assistant under the direction of Dr. Denise Bielby, UC Santa Barbara, 2008

Research support provided on two projects involving international television markets and culture to be published as a journal article and book.

Graduate Assistant, California State University Northridge, 2006-2007

Provided library research, grading, and proofreading

Library Specialist, CSCA, Pasadena, CA, 2002-2006

Provided bibliographic instruction, evaluated papers, graded problem sets, one –on-one tutoring, and library support for faculty

Academic-Related Experience

Supplemental Content Creator and Proofreader, Sage/Pineforge Press & McGraw-Hill (2007-2013)

Created test banks, exercises, supplemental PowerPoint slides, and instructor manual revisions for college textbooks in sociology, communication, and anthropology.



Courses taught

Undergraduate courses at SUNY: Geneseo

American Public Address, Spring 2017

This course meets twice weekly face-to-face and is taught as a hybrid of traditional rhetorical analysis and critical collective memory to instruct students on methodologies and perspectives to interpret strategies of persuasion utilizing speech, style, setting, and the selectively constructed past to justify and authenticate their messages.

Principles of Public Speaking, Spring 2017

This course meets twice weekly face-to-face and teaches students effective strategies to overcome communication anxiety while providing them experience preparing for and delivering speeches of introduction, ceremony, and information throughout the semester.

Undergraduate courses at Rutgers University

Structure of Information (hybrid), Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016

This course met one day physically and one day online. Introduces undergraduates to the concepts of information search as well as critical media studies perspectives so they formulate questions about the digital architecture inhabiting their lives.

Digital Communication & Information (DCIM) Senior Capstone (hybrid), Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017

This course met one day physically, one day online, and three one-on-one physical meetings between instructor and student during the semester. Students create a small research project that acts as their senior thesis for the DCIM minor around a theme developed every semester by the department.

Leadership in a Digital Context (hybrid), Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013

This course met one day physically and one day online. This course combines pragmatic strategies for leading virtual teams with a critical media studies perspective on the consequences of such network formations in our culture.

Undergraduate courses at Fairleigh Dickinson University

Introduction to Popular Culture, Fall 2011

Undergraduate courses at Camden County College

Introduction to Sociology, Fall 2009, Spring 2010

Other teaching

NSF funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU): I mentored an undergraduate for 8 weeks in research design, methodology, & introductory level statistics, Summer 2010, Summer 2011.




Conference Organizer and Panel Moderator, Rutgers Media Studies Conference, Extending Play, Spring, 2013.
Conference Submissions Reviewer, International Communication Association Annual Conference, Game Studies Division, 2013 (1 paper).

Journal reviewer

Journal of Communication Inquiry, refereed journal published in Association with the Iowa Center for Communication Study (1 article).

Service to Rutgers University

Board Member, Doctoral Student Association, 2010-2011


New Media Experience

I am co-creator and host of Inside the Box: the TV History Podcast and its accompanying multimedia wordpress. I along with my two co-hosts integrate academic scholarship on television with themes of interest to us to dissect twentieth-century U.S. television. Currently there are fifty-four episodes available on iTunes.



Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholarship. California State University Program. One-year award plus internship. Awarded 2007-2008


Academic organizations
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
International Communication Association
Popular Culture Association